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Avatar Sourav Roy
   I am grateful to this platform. Hands on knowledge is very much important to learn any application or tool. By these use cases it helped me a lot for hands on experience. Sudheer, as a mentor he is awesome. I referred to his innovative solution videos of the use cases as well as I follow his LinkedIn and YouTube contents on regular basis that helped me in the interview process also. I will be looking forward for more content which will be giving more confidence to me in order to become an ideal RPA developer.
Avatar Mukesh Kala
   Thank you for the Website . Practising use cases is a bit which all the learners struggle to - The website you have created is a genius move. Loving the variety of scenarios and glad to see the visitors count as well.
Avatar Sesha Sai
   I am very thankful to you sudher anna. If we want to grab an opportunity practice is the one of the best solution to develop our skills. So you are providing the best knowledge to develop our skill as a learner and developer. I hope not only I, may be a lot of people also utilising the opportunity which you have been providing the uipath knowledge. I hope i am expecting more knowledge further also. Thank you very much anna.
Avatar Pallavi Katpalliwar
   I wanted to say thank you for creating BotsDNA,it helps me a lot to gain experience on real time projects. I was searching for many days that I can get these kinds of real time projects and Finally found In this botsDNA course . It's really helpful and I did try some of the projects and will explore all the projects too
Avatar Geetha Isukapalli
   BOTSDNA.COM is a one stop solution if anyone wants to practice UiPath use cases or brush up their knowledge.Sudheer is highly skilled and knowledgeable coming to UiPath and its capabilities. His UiPath YouTube Channel (UiPath Learner) is a great source for anyone to learn RPA with or without programming knowledge or experience. His teaching and narrative skills are exceptional and if you got any doubts or questions, he is always there.This website and UiPathLearner channel helped me in understanding many complex concepts in a very easy way. I strongly recommend this content to anyone who wants to excel in RPA.
Avatar Sunil raj Polampalli
   You are amazing at what you do! Your passion and dedication is beyond words! I was already an intermediate learner, but I learned something new from every use case here in BotsDNA, plus had a lot of new challenges while doing it.It has been a great experience.Thank you very much and hope I will learn and explore more knowledge on UIPath from you
Avatar Bathala Govardhan Reddy
   I really appreciate the way you build and collected all use cases using uipath, great efforts and hardwork bro, keep flag flying high always cheers🤗
Avatar Chaganti Naveen
   botsDNA website will be helping for most of the people who is passionate to learn UiPath and RPA technology to get hands on experience,Sudheer Nimmagadda created this website which is helpful for students, freshers as well as professional Developer for to learn and create POC and enhance thir knowledge in RPA, Most of my friends using this website for practice purpose, Thank you Sudheer Nimmagadda for spending your valuable time and creating this wonderful website and providing as a free source for community
Avatar (BalaReva) Balamurugan Shanmugasundaram
    BotsDNA. It is a very great idea. It is very helpful who are looking for practicing the project in UiPath. And projects that you have shared in different domains. Great. Best wishes.
Avatar Franklin Elong
    I thank you for the great support to the UiPath community. An assets like you in this Community can be used by many to develop their skills as learner and developer. You have gone beyond your way in helping and supportive to this community. Thank you for going above and beyond for your community.
Avatar Asad Pathan
   Fist of all I am thankful to BotsDNA. it's very helpful for practice the project in Uipath. It's helped me a lots for hands on experience. Thank you so much

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